Thursday, October 2, 2008 didn't miss much

This is beyond late but let me spoil the ending for the fans of Heroes. Thats it. Nothing happened. Hiro and Ando's relationship is appearing more and more doomed for failure as they wrongfully distracted the Haitian as he was most likely cleaning the mess Hiro created. Dumbass!

stole some chick's power, which is almost the same as Phoebe's in Charmed-- the no-name chick could touch things and know where its been and other random stuff; check wikipedia for the fancy real word for it. After being fed, Mama Petreli partnered him up with Noah Bennet. They do the whole odd couple routine, but it was Future Peter who stopped time and freed Present Peter. Unfortunately, Noah was counting on Present Peter to save his life, but Sylar came through for Noah. Five seconds later, he killed one of the villans and took his sonic screaming ability.

Claire is still acting like a rape victim, and currently leaving town after her biological mother went Kill Bill-mentor on her. Tracy is technically not Nikki. Tracy went to New Orleans and met Micah who helped her find out that Nikki and Tracy were born in the same hospital, same day, same doctor. Tracy found the doctor only to find out that he created her. So Nikki was a clone? No wonder why she was crazy in the head. Also, Matt is still in Africa and is going to see visions of his new future.