Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Episode Where 90% Of It Won't Even Happen!

Being a fan of Heroes is such a roller coaster ride. It sucks. It's good. It sucks. Still Sucks. It's great. WTF writers strike!? I'm still watching, damn it. Last night, Future Peter and Peter stumbled around 4 years in the future in which most humans have powers and Peter is seen as an extremist hunted down by Claire. Future Peter gets shot and put in a coma. Peter gets away and finds Mohinder who is now a cloaked hermit. Peter is convinced that he must find Sylar because Future self convinced him he needs Sylar's help to fix the present. However, Peter interprets it as "I-must-learn-Sylar's-power." Despite Mohinder's warning he tracks Sylar down. In the mean time, Future Speedster-girl-in-France (her name isn't that important yet) is married to Matt with an infant but more importantly adoptive parents of Molly. She uses Molly to track down Peter at Sylar's and she heads out with Claire and the villain of fear (don't think he has a name yet) to intervein. Peter meets Sylar/Gabriel who is now Mr. Rogers, lives in what used to be the Bennett home, and has a son named Noah. After painting the future, Sylar is convinced to teach Peter how to use his power- despite warning his brother that it comes with an hunger. The Anti-Peter team appears and after accidentally killing little Noah- Sylar literally blows up and eventually kills Speedster girl. President Nathan stops Claire from torturing Peter. After a pointless discussion about should the world have powers, Peter almost kills Nathan in true Sylar fashion then teleports to the present to confront Sylar.

Now the other stuff that happened:
Mohinder is concerned about his aggression and nasty rash. Present Claire is still MIA. I assume no one cares about Micah and New Orleans. Art imitating life? Tracy was a triplet separated at birth who was given powers with the original formula. Future Tracy is the First Lady. Nathan is still talking back to the ghost of Linderman. Matt pretty much saw everything that Peter experienced in the future during his "spirit quest." Hiro and Ando are making steps to reconcile, but the show ended with Mama Petreli telling them to dig up his feudal frinemy, Adam Monroe.