Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes is back!!!

Seriously people, it's been so long since Heroes was on TV that I started to question my love for the show. I mean lets be real, the show can be a wicked witch and a midget short of Passions at times. However, last night's premiere was beyond necessary for me. Since it was a two hours of sci-fi goodness, forgive me if I leave out parts. Nathan was shot by future angsty Peter, who some how transferred his soul- and I assume body- within one of the villains in Level 5. After quickly discovering that a Peter was the shooter, Matt was teleported -more like ejected- to Africa and is about to learn about the future from a friendly African that conveniently knows English. Nathan has found God and now thinks he is meant to be a living angel while having conversations with Mr. Linderman's ghost/figment of Nathan's imagination. Probably created by future angsty Peter. Despite the inner voices, he took an offer to be New York's Jr. Governor (something like that). Nikki Tracy is the NY Governors aid, and surprisingly froze and shattered a reporter after persistantly trying to claim she was a Las Vegas stripper, Nikki. WTF? New power? Does this means she's not Nikki?

Hiro, like a true dumbass, opened a safe against his dad's wishes, and now some French chick with super speed has a portion of a formula which maybe the key to giving anyone abilities. He also traveled to the future, where he saw Ando kill him with lightning. Nice power- I knew I liked Ando for a reason. Hiro was acting kind of stank to Ando ever since, by now he should realize that altering his actions is what creates his enemies in the first place! Must we revisit the Adam debacle. Also the world (well Tokyo at least) was being destroyed. Dr. Suresh discovered that abilities are connected to adrenaline, and by using Maya's hormones he gained heightened senses- AKA Spiderman. However, it's backfiring and he's becoming a monster. Remember that movie, The Fly? Yikes! Now to the main event.

Future angsty Peter went back to the past to save Claire and the future from the witch-hunt hell that it became. However as present day Mama Petrelli pointed out, he created a Butterfly effect that caused even more harm. Claire was caught by Sylar. Now Sylar can heal. After letting her live, he revealed that she was "special" and could probably never die. Then Claire realized that she can't feel (pain at least). So, now she has this I'm-not-human complex. Hiro will probably have to find Claire because his dad fortold that she's the only one who can prevent the end of the world if the formula gets in the wrong hands. Which it is- thanks, Hiro. Mama Petrelli revealed her power of foreseeing the future- however she is able to step inside her visions. Much like Peter did in season one when he realized he was "the bomb". Sylar tried to invade Level 5 for a super power buffet which was thwarted by Elle when he tried to take her power. The blast left Sylar badly injured and the Level 5 inmates escaped including the body present day Peter is trapped in and Noah Bennett. Mama Petrelli had witty banter with future angsty Peter the whole time, and now that Bob (Elle's dad) is dead, she runs "the company". After firing Elle, she approaches Sylar and tells him she can give him a mother's approval- like he always wanted. Only to then proclaim that she IS his mother! WHAT? To be continued... and I love it.