Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reality-palooza - Pam: Girl on the Loose & Sunset Tan

Pam: Girl on the Loose

I'm hearing people say they don't like the way the show is shot. I love the way it is shot. It's like watching a documentary. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. It kept my attention and made me want to keep watching. They followed Pam as she had an estate s
ale, did a photo shoot and jetted off to Vegas. I'm going to tune in next week. Below is a clip from the first show. A new episode airs Sunday @ 10 PM EST on E!

Sunset Tan

The opening scene on the first episode had one of the girl's doing a private spray tan for a former Playboy Bunny. The spray girl was asking her how to meet a good man. Well...that's what she said. But really she was saying, "How do I meet and marry a rich man like you? Just one that isn't going to cheat on me." Good luck with that.

I never knew the tanning business was so crazy. I could do without the Olly Girls, but in this overly tan superficial world...they fit. I'm curious about the relationship drama that's to come. One of the guys got a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend's name...stupid. So I'll stick around for a few more episode to see how that tattoo plays out. Sunday @ 10:30 PM EST on E!