Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Bitchassness Allowed

This is must see TV. Diddy knows how to make reality shows interesting. The challenges on the show may seem extreme but I'm sure they are patterned after things that all the real assistants did at some point. We are just seeing everything crammed into one hour. Plus, along the way you get to hear how Diddy works and what he expects out of people that work for him. It's the business class that everyone needs.

On the first episode, the 13 contestants were broken into 2 groups of six.

Downtown Team: Mike, Stefanie, Laverne, Kendra, Deon and Boris.
Uptown Team: Rob, Red, Brianna, Georgette, Suzanne and Kim

This left one person out. Andrew was the first person sent home. Maybe if his dance moves were better he would have stayed. After the all night challenge, Georgette was eliminated. We have expressed that we want to see Laverne make it to the finals. But here are a couple of people that we think are stand out characters on the show: Kendra, Brianna, Red and Kim (AKA Poprah).

had the best line when she was on the phone with De
on. I thought he was going to throw the phone after she made the comment that it was hard for him to multitask. Red seems to be a good guy. They say good guys finish last. New York might not be everything he dreamed it would be. Red better hope he gets to switch teams soon, because Kim is a beast (and I mean that in the best way). Kim is well on her way to being the villain of the show. Her team has already turned on her. Where are those leadership skills? Brianna has some fire in her...she took on Kim the first night.

Check out the sneak peek from episode 2 -
No Bitchassness Allowed. The wannabe assistants get kidnapped in the middle of the night. Diddy has them dropped them off in the woods for a survival/scavenger hunt to make it back to Bad Bad. Rob should be up for this challenge since he is a military man. I Want To Work For Diddy - Monday @ 9 PM EST on VH1.