Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway - Fashion That Drives You

Project Runway - Fashion That Drives You (episode 7)

Last night the designers had a Saturn Car challenge. They had to use parts of a Saturn car to create an innovative outfit. That's one way to work the sponsor into the show. The guest judges for the runway show were Laura Bennett from season 3 and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. She has a new reality show on Bravo called The Rachel Zoe Project starting Tuesday, September 9th @ 11/10c. It looks like it will be a good's on my TiVo list.

The top 3 designers were Korto, Leanna and Jerell. Leanna (photo of winning design modeled by Karalyn) won the challenge and has immunity for next week. Poor Jerell...always a bridesmaid in the challenges. The bottom 3 designers were Blayne, Stella and Keith. The pressure was getting to Keith and it showed in the outfit he made. He was eliminated this week.