Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chance Tells All To KING

Chance, from I Love Money and I Love New York, recently did an interview with King Magazine. He discusses the intimate details of his relationship with Miss New York.
On New York under covers…
It was like having sex with a stuffed animal—with those fake eyes and fake hair. A stuffed animal with a real set of you-know-what. It feels like having sex with an oversize Cabbage Patch. You got silicone parts that are made for toys.*

Chance’s advice for New York…
Stop kissing so many damn guys, man. Relax. Take it slow. Don’t put no more plastic parts on you, because you ain’t a toy. Unless you want to be my toy again. That’s aight, then. Come on down. You know where to find me. But New York, be safe out there. You’re a good person. Stallionaires love you.

*Read more on Chance’s one-time romp with Tiffany “New York” Pollard in the November issue of KING.

What do you say after that? Maybe...hide your stuffed animals.