Saturday, August 23, 2008

Martini Pink: Laurie Ann Gibson Interview

Martini Pink did an exclusive interview with choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. The Making the Band star talks about her relationship with Diddy.

I think Laurie Ann is great! Like you didn't know that already.
And who doesn't love her little sayings on the show. I especially like the one during the first episode, when she tells Day 26 that she doesn't want any lazy smurfs. LOL! Well, I guess you would have to know what a smurf is to appreciate it. She is one of the best choreographers in the business. I wish someone would pick up her reality show.

Love Her and Martini Pink for getting the scoop.

MP: So obviously you have repaired your working relationship and friendship with Diddy… How did the two of you even get to the point of making amends?

LA: Through a lot of prayer. Honestly, based on the history that we shared that has been positive, that has been great, that has been a wonderful working relationship, we were able to work through things. When he morally crossed the line, the fact that I stood up for myself first and foremost as a child of God and as a woman and a Black woman because it was too much for me - he understood that.

MP: It still is very difficult to go through something like that and have it televised…

LA: When I left I think he had time to understand who I was in the past to him. When that happened it didn’t match up and we just had a really bad moment. The Puff I get to see wasn’t there that day. Based on who he is as a man, as a father, as a professional, and as a friend and all the wonderful reasons why I call him a brother – that wasn’t there that day.

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