Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making The Band: Dark & Lonely

Last night on Making The Band, Diddy gets on them about not stepping up their game as they prepare for the tour. First he tells Donnie he need to practice more and get some black friends. Day 26 gets it the worse when Diddy starts booing them and tells them to figure it out. I thought Que was going to start crying when Diddy singled him out. Don't think the ladies got off easy. He calls out Aubrey and Aundrea for falling behind in the dancing.

After the group do TRL, Diddy pulls Danity Kane to the side and ask Aubrey if she wants to look like a Playboy bunny. Diddy and Aubrey aruge about her place in the group. Diddy tells her, "Don't get it twisted man. It gets f-ing dark and lonely." It looked like D. Woods was going to speak up for Aubrey...but MTV had it looking like the rest of the group zoned out on the situation. If someone was able to say anything, it might have been cut out. Probably not...flashbacks of chairs flying. DUCK!!

Diddy stops in to check their progress on the tour routines. After that Aubrey has a one-on-one talk with Diddy. I really looked at Aubrey face when she was talking. She was wear a lot of makeup to be rehearsing (check out the pic above of her without makeup). But if I had cameras following me all day...I would have full makeup on too. I agree with Diddy...she isn't the same girl we saw in the beginning. She has a different lifestyle and friends now. She hangs out with porn star and she is young now is the time to be a little wild. But I know he doesn't want her doing it on his time and dime.

Check out the clip from next week episode at What's Brian thinking yelling at Laurie Ann??
Making The Band airs Tuesdays @ 9 PM on MTV.