Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ana Ortiz Stars in "Little Girl Lost"

Ugly Betty star, Ana Ortiz, has a new movie called Little Lost Girl: The Delimar Vera Story. The movie also stars A. Martinez (from CSI) and Judy Reyes (from Scrubs). Just from seeing who is in the cast is enough to get me interested in watching. The movie is based on a true story.
In "Little Girl Lost," Reyes portrays Luz Cuevas, a working-class mother who is told that her infant daughter, Delimar, has perished in a suspicious fire in their Philadelphia row house. Despite the evidence, and based only on her intuition as a mother, Luz remains convinced that her daughter was kidnapped and that she's still alive. Luz and her husband (Bustamante) attempt to put the tragedy behind them for the sake of their other children, however, Luz continues to suspect her distant cousin (Ortiz) of foul play and enlists the help of Angel Cruz (Martinez), a sympathetic State Representative.
Little Girl Lost (clip below) airs Sunday, August 17th @ 8PM ET on Lifetime Movie Network.