Saturday, June 7, 2008

Step It Up & Dance has a Winner

Cody Green is the winner of the first season of Step It Up & Dance. He won the big prize of $100,000.00. Cody was a strong dancer the entire show. His solo performance was beautiful. I think he was just what the show was looking for.

But Cody wasn't the only person that won something at the grand finale. The Sex And The City opening number was a challenge for the top four dancers. Michelle "Mochi" Camaya was the winner and she won a feature spot in a music video from Akon's new artist Colby O'Donis.

Nick Drago is a really great performer. At least he won the challenge with Tina Landon. Maybe he will get a chance to work with her again. I hope he continues to dance because he is very talented.

OK...My favorite dancer Miguel Zarate didn't win...but I love him so!
During the grand finale, Miguel breaks down the Sex And The City challenge and compares the personalities from the show with the final four. He says Mochi is Miranda (with new the hair cut), Cody is Charlotte (so prim and proper), Nick is Samantha (male slut) and he is Carrie (curly hair, fashion forward and never has a man). He is too funny!! But wouldn't have called Nick a male slut. Miguel is so a friend in my head (shout out to Wendy Williams)!!