Friday, June 20, 2008

Shane ain't playing around!

The premiere of Randy Jackson presents: America's Best Dance Crew almost left me speechless. So Real Cru went first and didn't disappoint with their dance to Omarion's Entourage. Lil' Mama gave some comedy by pronouncing crew member Ailyn's name as Alien. Supreme Soul seemed to offend the judges with their routine. I didn't think it was that bad. However, they seemed to be judged on higher standards. I figure they are trying to slap them in the face now, so that they will remember they have to surpass expectations and be more creative. Xtreme Dance Force got shut down by Shane. He flat out called them wack and that a 10 year old could have choreographed their routine. I have to admit that their routine was uncomfortable to watch because it did seem uptight. But danng he was harsh. ASIID put the show back into it's stride with a routine to Nicole Scherzinger's Whatever U Like. However, can we stop keying in on the deaf kid- I don't need to feel sympathy/empathy or whatever to vote for them, they are a good CREW. Boogie Bots did a good job, but where So Real is reminiscent of Kaba Modern, Boogie Bots fall between Kaba & JabbaWockeeZ. So they have to be MORE creative than they are to stand out. However, I salute their song choice of More Bounce to the Ounce.

Super Cr3w
killed it with their performance. Ninjas + James Brown = best performance of the night. Shane says, "[they] just sh!t on everybody!" It was kind of true. If they keep it up, they will smash my predictions of a So Real vs. Surpreme Soul finale. Phresh Select took it back with a routine to Boyz II Men's Motown Philly. They made me kind of like them. Sass Times 7 danced to Danity Kane's Damaged, but by then the judges didn't have words. They tried to nicely explain that their routines have cheerleader written all over them. It is their own damn fault that they are viewed as cheerleaders- and their routine was weak! The bottom crews were Fanny Pack and Distorted X. Both crews killed their routines. Fanny Pack won me over again. I love that they chose Kylie Minogue's Speakerphone. I was rocking that song many a moons ago, but it's a great song that should be in clubs. Distorted X chose Tweet's Oops...oh my! and did a great job. Sadly, one had to go home and the judges went with Fanny Pack. I agree with Lil Mama that people aren't used to Fanny Pack's movement, so they don't know what to do with it. However if people don't get it after this week, they might be in trouble. Just note that we called that Distorted X was likely to be cheated out of the competition- and they were cheated. Funny that a South region crew was the first to leave last season too. Sass Times 7 shouldn't be there. Keeping up with tradition, the Youtube that Shit Award goes to Super Cr3w! Check it out, ya'll!