Friday, June 20, 2008

Marquis and Susie go home

This week of So You Think You Can Dance, Marquis and Susie went home after getting bad reviews for their Salsa routine. The judges agreed that Marquis's solo was saturated with tricks and Susie seemed to have lost her fire. Comfort & Chris (who "krumped" this week) and Chelsea & Thyne (who did a Jazz routine) joined them in the bottom of America's votes. As far as hip hop goes, this week wasn't outstanding. Will completely out danced his partner and same with Comfort and Chris - just the latter ended up in the bottom. Joshua and Katee seem to remain on top. They performed a Broadway routine this week, but the judges seemed to love it more than I did. I mean it was good, but I think Nigel just wanted to jump around. Joining them with the top marks, Twitch & Kherington danced a touching Viennese Waltz (which has a special meaning for the choreographer), and Mark & Chelsea H. performed a sexy Argentine Tango.