Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This week on White Girls Crying...oh I mean...Legally Blonde: The Search For Elle Woods. The girls have to sing while cycling. Lauren wins the singing challenge and picks Cassie S. to go with her to meet Orfeh, who plays Paulette in the musical, for a spa day.

Everyone had to perform the song "Omigod, You Guys" for the audition.
The girls had to learn Elle's part and the Delta Nu parts of the song. The caddy really come out. During the audition, Cassie S. points out that not all the girls supported her lead. Not a good way to make friends in the house.

Of course, the tears come after hearing the judges comments. This week 4 girls were in the bottom and had to talk to the judges in the casting office: Emma, Lauren, Celina and Lindsey. Just looking like Elle Woods won't get you the part and Lindsey was sent home. Omigod!