Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High Flying Models

Our favorite superhero/model Paula was voted off She's Got The Look last week. It was painful watching her walking the runway in heels. But you got to give it to her...she was trying really hard.

I keep seeing familiar faces on this show. The runway coach for the episode was
Paul Wharton. I would love to meet him one day. He was a coach on the first season of MTV's MADE. He helped Najah to be made into a model. Najah lived in my building for a little while...she was very sweet. Hey Najah!!

Tomorrow on She's Got The Look, the competition soars to new heights as the seven finalists face their fears on the flying trapeze. Then the models have a photo shoot to show their sexy side while posing with two gorgeous male models. Check out the sneak peek at TVland.com.