Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 Elle's Cut For The Price Of 1

This week, on Legally Blonde the wannabe Elle's show off their comedic and dramatic acting skills. The girls have to also learn how to work with dogs. They even got to take the puppies from the show home for some bonding. Autumn won the dog challenge. She picked Celina to go with her on the reward to meet Richard Blake (who plays Warner in the musical). He's a hottie. Hey...I have my pink moments too.

For the audition the girls had to perform "Serious" with Richard Blake. Emma is is sick but since she isn't very likable on the show I really didn't care. But she rocked her audition and that's all that matters. The time that Autumn and Celina didn't seem to help because both of them were in the bottom with Cassie S. Funny...all the blonds were save for next week. In the casting office, the tears were ready to flow then they cut Celina. Just when the other girls think they were safe, they find out that another girl would be cut. Then Cassie S was cut. Saw that one coming.

Well...check out Celina in the Sex And The City Movie. I know its a quick shot but it will almost be like you know her...kinda.