Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

I've been a fan of Reaper since the beginning, but last night they finally started to unravel the big secret. Why is the dad so protective of the contract of Sam's soul to the Devil? Why are all the rebel demons so surprised that the Devil talks to Sam? If I wasn't so rapped into the show great comedic timing, I would have realized the same theory- that Sam is the Devil's son! Ooh Snap!

For those that watch, it's kind of a big deal. He almost broke up with this other chick because he thought she was the Devil's daughter. I mean when all those goldfish died in her presence and she went all psycho on Andy, I was thinking the same thing, BUT him! Nooo! He can't handle it. They spent all season developing him into this slacker, Peter Parker-ish goody good, and now he will have to swallow the possibility that he is the Devil's son. Talk about a bad day! I hope he got some real supernatural powers out of the deal. Watch it all unfold in the season finale next Tuesday at 9/8pm central.