Thursday, May 15, 2008

Syesha Leaves American Idol

I've been waiting for this moment on American Idol...The Final 2. I'm not happy about Syesha Mercado getting eliminated (see the clip below). You got to give the girl some credit for all the work she put in. Someone should put her on Broadway. Hummm...that's a good idea. I'm just ready for the battle of the David's to begin. (Insert evil laugh here)

I keep going back and forth between who I think should win. Both guys are very talented...but who would benefit from winning the most. I think I would like to see David Cook win. He has a good style and is very likable. Don't get me wrong I like David
Archuleta too. He is defiantly a fan favorite. Just has Disney movie written all over him. Of course if they think his dad is a problem now...he is going to be out of control when his son wins. The 2-Night Season Finale is next week - Tuesday & Wednesday @ 8/7c on FOX.