Thursday, May 15, 2008

America's Next Top Model Is...

Congratulation Whitney!!

America's Next Top Model judges selected Whitney as the first full-figured model to win the competition.

The final 3 shot a CoverGirl commercial and print ad. I thought Fatima would have done a better job with the commercial. It seemed like a she just couldn't slow down. The judges described her performance as robotic. I doubt anyone was surprised that she was eliminated leaving Anya and Whitney to work the runway. Nigel did the photo shoot for Seventeen. They have really been working him this season.

This time the girls did a runway show for Versace. I wanted to jump up and down for them. I really just wanted to see what Whitney was going to wear. No crazy runway this time...I was kinda disappointed they weren't doing something crazy. Anya was the first one out...she was so close to the edge I was waiting for her to fall off. When Whitney did her first walk...I was very worried...everything was going everywhere. For Anya's second walk she had on a really tight dress...again I was waiting for her to fall off the runway. Whitney nailed the second walk...even with the dress getting caught in her heels she worked it.

Anya went the whole show without being in the bottom and ended up losing. That seems crazy. I really like Whitney. I hope she enjoys her time as a top model...especially since the next season start this fall. Check out Whitney's big moment below.