Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Return of the Gladiators

The revamped American Gladiators came back with the Season 2, 2 hour premiere last night on NBC. There are new events and new gladiators this season. They introduced an revised version of Rocketball, and in future episodes, the Skywalk and Atlasphere. As we previously spoiled, last seasons winners made their "opportunities" a reality by debuting as Jet (Monica) and Rocket (Evan). Jet was all over the show, she competed in almost everything! Rocket only came out for the one Men's Wall event. Like a good reality show there was some drama. One woman got hurt after Venom tossed her off the Pyramid. One chick straight fell on her face after the Tarzan rope AND moments later with the Barrel Roll! The first women's Eliminator lasted over 9 minutes before they got over the "treadmill of hell," and even though he lost, male contender, John had a prosthetic leg and finished the eliminator with sheer determination (and after they turned off the treadmill- BUT they do that for everybody- so he was treated pretty damn fairly, they made him Hang Tough and climb the Wall).

Despite Wolf and Crush being thrown in to the forefront, newcomer Phoenix stole the show! She came out with wings and was bungee lifted over fire! I was speechless. It was corny to the core, but the inner-comic book boy fell in love at first sight. She only competed in the new event, Vertigo, which forces contestants to race against the gladiator by climbing up a tall-ass pole then teeter toter on said pole to reach the next poles until the finish line. It's some straight up Circus-shit that even a slightly acrophobic person would NOT attempt. She demolished the contestants, and now I have to say Crush has some competition as my favorite female gladiator.