Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rapper Overboard

Last week on Miss Rap Supreme, Lady Twist was sent home. Back at the house, Byata and Chiba get into it...again. Big Surprise! This time Chiba starts bringing other people into the mix. That was just a quick way to turn the house against her.

The ladies shoot a sea-themed music video. The teams were chosen grab bag style. Team 1: Byata (Capt.),
Rece Steele and Nicky2States. Team 2: Ms. Cherry (Capt.), Bree and Chiba. Lucky for Byata she didn't end up with Chiba on her team. The teams alternate picking props for the video shoot. Souljah Boy stopped by the house to talk to the ladies about making a good video. Both teams have a hard time getting things together in the studio and it doesn't get any better on the set.

Byata's team won the challenge and Nicky2States won the keys to the suite. Nicky felt that the other team did a better job and gave Ms. Cherry the keys. Then she gave the keys back to Nicky. When they got to the room it was a red carpet packed with fans waiting on Nicky. It was cute...but I would have preferred getting a real prize. Where are the sponsors? At elimination the ladies had to rap a story about the glamorous life. The bottom 2 were Ms. Cherry and Bree. It was Bree that had to step off. It was the stumble in her elimination rap (again) that did it.