Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flavor Flav Finds Reality Love...Again

Last time on Flavor of Love (well...the show before the clip show last week), Flav told the girls that one person would have to leave the next day. So at breakfast Flav had to pick 2 girls to continue. He had 3 plane tickets...each to a different location (Paris, Monaco and L.A). I think we all knew that it was going to be Sinceer getting the boot. Thing 2 got the ticket to Paris first. Then Sinceer and Black started arguing at the table about why they should stay. Flav ends up giving Black the ticket to Monaco and Sinceer gets the ticket to L.A.

During each date, Flav gave the girls identical pink heart shaped diamond watches. They could have at least gave them different colors. When Flav asked Thing 2 for a nightcap she said NO. How did that happen? They all returned to Cannes for elimination. You would have thought it was The Bachelor finale...a beautiful castle in France. Can't beat that! When he picked Thing 2 she got her own set of gold teeth. I was waiting for that.

This is our last season of Flavor of Love
(so they say)...it will have to live on in reruns and DVD's (for some people their nightmares). Don't forget about the Reunion Show - Monday, May 26 @ 9 PM EST on VH1. Flav is getting down on one knee. Does this mean a Flavor of Love wedding? Someone needs to get married over there.

Flav's Date Breakdown:

Black - Helicopter to Monaco

Thing 2 - Private jet to Paris

Sinceer - 2nd runner up
Black - 1st runner up (And if the winner is unable to perform her duties, the 1st runner up will take her place...just kidding)

Flav's Final Love Connection:
Thing 2