Thursday, May 15, 2008

Its Lauren's Party

The Hills have ended and the finale party was a nice was to bring the season to a close. Everyone was there! Well...not everyone. Heidi and Spencer were no where to be found. A party without Heidi and Spencer? But who would the paparazzi take pictures of? Some how they were mysteriously not invited to the season finale party. is Lauren's party when you think about it. The party wouldn't be complete without a big performance. Very Super Sweet Sixteen like. Usher performed for the crowd. Lauren is such a lucky girl!! has some great pictures from the red carpet, the party and Usher's performance. (Photo of Lauren
by Polk Imaging)

If you missed the finale, I'm sure MTV will rerun it but you can watch it anytime on The video player on the site is much better now. The clip below is coverage of the party.