Tuesday, April 8, 2008

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Flav asks the women to put on a fake wedding. They split into 3 groups. Each group has to write the bride vows, grooms vows and an objection. Hotlanta showed up drunk to the challenge...isn't that special. Thing 2 didn’t know how you say Flav’s real name...you would think she would know his name by now.

The winners of the wedding challenge were Sinceer, Thing 1 and Thing 2. The next challenge was to do have a fake funeral for Flavor Flav. Flav rises out of a coffin to name Sinceer as the winner. It was like watching WWE. The tables turn as the old girls interview the new girls. They choose Black to get one-on-one time with Flav in his room. Tree confronts Hotlanta, in front of Flav, about her saying he didn't having any money because of all the child support and the house not belonging to him. Flav even pulls out a stack of cash to show he has money. An argument breaks out in the house between Hotlanta, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Flav sends the women to their rooms. Is anyone in the house there for Flav???

Flav's Love Connections (Winner of the solo date):

Best For Flav From New Chicks - Old Girl Pick:

Crazy Alert:
Hotlanta – Because of all the drinking and for NOT paying her rent before leaving town to do a reality show (she got kids at home).

New girl - Luscious D