Tuesday, April 8, 2008

'The Cradle' Ain't Too Stable

Last week was the premiere of MTV's "Rock The Cradle." It's their version of "American Idol" for the kids of rock stars. If you tuned in late to the show--like most of the people I know--you missed the introduction of the judges. The panel of judges consisted of singer Belinda Carlisle, choreographer Jamie King, stylist June Ambrose and business mogul Larry Rudolph. The least recognizable judge, Jamie King, is quickly becoming the "Simon" of the bunch. He is dishing out low scores left and right. I still have questions about the judges they selected. I wish MTV would have picked more judges that have actually discovered music talent. Ha!

I really thought all of them could sing before the show started. Some of them seemed like they didn't think about singing until getting cast for the show.

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