Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Rock of Love Tattoo Jinx

Bret invites the families for a visit…Ambre’s Dad, Destiney’s Mom & Dad and Daisy’s Ex-boyfriend’s Sister (yeah?). I wish her uncle would've showed up. Daisy has the first date and of course Bret wants to know more about the situation with the Ex again.

Bret finds out that Destiney’s father loves bikes and has cancer with only 6 months to live. He spends the afternoon with Destiney’s and her parents riding motorcycles with a stop at a tattoo parlor. Destiney gets the show logo tattooed on the back of her neck (at least it wasn't his name). Same spot as Heather's tattoo.

Bret takes Ambre and her father to get Sushi. At dinner, Bret asks what’s up with her lying about her real age (37). I think he would've gave her the boot if he knew earlier. After the families leave…the girls start getting things off their chest. Destiney tells them she isn’t ready to give her heart to Bret...yet. Daisy and Ambre feel like they are already in love with him. At elimination, the girls confront Destiney for not being in love with Bret. I knew that was going to come back to bit her in the ass. He lets Destiney go…Bret was crying as Destiney left. From now on...tattoos are bad luck charms if you are dating Bret Michaels. He lets the final 2 girls know that they are jetting away to Cancun. Nice!!

The show was dedicated to the memory of Destiney’s father Tommy Moore. Much love to Destiney and her family.

Lost moments from the sesaon (a recap show) will air Thursday, April 10.