Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remember 'Da Band'

Long before Danity Kane and Day 26 their was another music group we loved to watch on MTV. Well...the fights!! When Diddy took over the Making The Band show, the first group he created was Da Band. I remember how dumb that name sounded then...but hey it was easy to remember. Funny how things happen...I was just talking about the Da Band a few days ago. Just wondering what the members were up too.

So I pondered the usual questions...
Is anyone still signed to Bad Boy?
Is Dylan in jail or making more mixtapes?
Is Chopper AKA Young City back in New Orleans?
What is Sara up to?

Well...we got the answer to the last question. Sara has been smuggling midgets across the boarder. As you can see from the picture we spotted on Young Black & Fabulous.

Sara Stokes was the R&B vocalist mixed in with a group of rappers. Mostly doing hooks for the Da Band at the time of the Bad Boy deal. I remember her as being the only one with some business sense. Maybe things would have been different for her if she was on a reality show now.

What do you think of Sara's new look?