Monday, April 21, 2008

Flavorettes Make Radio Waves

Flavor Flav take the girls to the Power 106 FM to be on Big Boy’s show. Seezinz, Sinceer and Thing 2 get into it on the air. Let's just say *beep* *beep* *beep*. Big Boy's crew pick Black and the listeners pick Seezinz for a solo dates. Tree is confronted about her attempts at being on TV and trying to model. The ladies are asked to call their parents and invite them to meet Flav (thats next week). The top 3 girls will take a trip with Flav to Paris...YES...Paris, France. Thank goodness it wasn't Mexico.

Flav's Love Connections (Winners of the solo dates):

  • Black – Had a candle light dinner.
  • Seezinz – Feed wild animals in the back yard.

Flav doesn't like the word:

  • Ghetto - Flav got very upset when Tree call a fashion show she was in ghetto. He said that was an insult to where he is from.
Flavor-licious Quote:
  • "Your man Flavor Flav is defiantly from the ghetto. And the ghetto ain't a bad place to be in."

Crazy Alert:

  • Sinceer – Just for getting drunk before going on the radio.