Monday, April 21, 2008

Dam Khia...Gone So Soon

Well, just when I think my girl Khia is going to be in the house for another week...MC Serch finds out that Khia's rap wasn't original. She used a song she had already recorded during the elimination. Can you believe that was really a song? So she was disqualified and sent home. DAM GIRL!!! The judges brought back Lionezz.

Charli Baltimore drops in as a special guest to judge the ladies in a tracksuit fashion show. This week the girls break into teams and rhyme at a lesbian club.
Ms. Cherry chokes on stage and forgets her rap. Byata's team wins the challenge and she gets to move into the Salt & Pepa Suite. Tensions between Byata and Chiba grow after the challenge. I'm not sure how long they have been in the house but Nicky2States has a little fun with a blow-up man doll. At elimination D.A.B. is told to step off.