Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bret's New Rock Of Love

Bret has chosen Ambre as his Rock Of Love. I figured he would pick the good girl over the bad girl...just like last season. Let's hope this relationship last past the reunion show. I think what won it for Ambre was the no underwear comment at dinner. Talk about giving him what he wants.

I secretly hoped he would pick Daisy. It could have been a real life Pretty Woman with Daisy as the Julia Roberts character. It really didn't help that Daisy was a stripper. Bret isn't taking home a stripper...he just likes watching them. I'm sure we will see more of Daisy...probably naked...she has to pay the bills for her and her ex-boyfriend. For a full recap check out the one from Buddy TV.

The reunion show is Sunday, April 20 @ 9 PM ET on VH1. Look for the Girl Fight between Heather and Daisy. LEAVE DAISY ALONE!!!