Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bottom of the Barrel

Sometimes is just seems like the world of reality TV is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. There are a couple reality shows that could have stayed on the drawing board.

Pamela Anderson - E! has announced that Pamela Anderson will star in an "observational documentary series" that debuts this Summer. Maybe she will get married again for the show...I love a wedding!!

Foxy BrownFoxy will reportedly get her own reality show on VH1, which will chronicle her day-to-day life. She was on Riker’s Island serving a 1 year sentence for violation of probation. Is anyone interested??

Guns N Roses - Guns N' Roses' new album Chinese Democracy is set to be turned into a reality TV show. Isn't it just Axl Rose and house band these days? I hope he didn't get more plastic surgery.