Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 is the new 3?

Last night was the finale of Girlicious! We already spoiled the ending, but I had to tune in anyway. The five girls had individual meetings with Robin and Ron Fair to discuss their concerns with being/meshing in a group. A test that only Charyle failed. She was the only one that admitted having concerns- a way to NOT get chosen for a group! Meanwhile Natalie was jealous of Robin's and Mikey's love for Tiffany. The girls performed "Lady's Night" together, and then each girl did a solo performance.

I think Tiffany did "Natural Woman"- Aretha Franklin. Charyle did "Before He Cheats"- Carrie Underwood. Nichole peformed "Giving Him Something He Can Feel"- En Vogue. Natalie had "Say It Right"- Nelly Furtado. Then Chrystina closed with "What About Love"- Heart. Vocally, I preferred Nichole's solo over the rest. Although, Natalie seriously milked "Say It Right" for all it was worth. She should be thankful they gave her a song that doesn't require any kind of range, just true vocal style. So she tossed her hair, pouted the lips, and gave it what she got.

In the end, Charyle was sent home due to not wanting to the dream enough to deal with Natalie and Chrystina. They also showed the video "Like Me" which is their first single. Smart choice having a Jazzy Pha song as the first single. His name and ad libs won't overshadow the group, like say Lil' Jon, T-Pain, or Timbaland. I like it better than the song they recorded on the show. What do you think? This song and video are now available on iTunes, along with another track titled, "Stupid Shit."