Monday, March 31, 2008

The Young and The Big Breasted

Everyone jets off to Vegas for a little fun. Bret takes Destiney and Jessica golfing. Bret takes Ambre and Daisy to dinner. Bret asked Daisy about why she is still living with her ex-boyfriend. Well…she is supporting her ex with her stripping career. Heather is stirring up trouble by pitting the girls against Daisy.

It was only a matter of time before the arguing went over the top. Heather throws a drink at Daisy and said she would never be with Bret. The bad blood continues once they get to Bret’s room. Daisy and Destiney start arguing in front of Bret. When Destiney throws her drink at Daisy he leaves them to work out their problems. He has to come back and break up more arguing. He has a private talk with Daisy to get to the bottom of things. Heather tells Bret what she thinks about each girl. Bret decides to have one-on-one talks with Daisy and Jessica. Daisy confessed she knew his band mate CC Deville…dam girl you look like a groupie now.

At elimination, Jessica is sent home for being too young and innocent. On this show…how is that possible?? I liked Jessica…I hate she is gone. Ambre is the comeback kid in the house…almost getting eliminated from jump and now in the top 3. But next week it doesn’t look so good when Bret finds out she is 37 and not 31.