Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work It Like A Drag Queen

Benny Ninja and Supermodel Vendela teach the girls about posing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Benny Ninja! When the girls get back to the house, Dominique gets mad at Whitney because she missed her phone time. Next thing you know the conversation turns into Dominique calling Whitney a racist. It was starting to sound like some of the political commentaries on the election. Dominique is acting a little full of herself right now. The girls get new Tyra Mail. I just want to say…I hate it when they all read the Tyra Mail at the same time.

Everyone meets up with Benny Ninja and Vendela for a street posing challenge. They bring out a group of drag queens to help judge. Claire won the posing challenge and won a trip to Bora Bora. Her team (Whitney, Marvita, Katarzyna, Stacy Ann) all went to a celebrity swag tent to get free stuff. They better enjoy the celebrity treatment while they can - ex. Eva & Jaslene. The photo shoot this week was all about the face. The models get wild hair and paint splashed on their face. Fatima's picture showed that she doesn’t shave under her arms. The panel told her to keep it clean - "clean face, clean hair, clean shaving." I'm sure Tyra was including other body parts as well. The bottom two were Marvita and Whitney. But Marvita's didn't seem to want it as much and was sent home. She reminds me of the rapper Rah Digga what do you think? Claire is the CoverGirl of the week (for the 4th week).