Monday, March 3, 2008

Wedding Bells for Snoop

Snoop tells two of the guys on his staff that he wants them to plan a surprise wedding. He wants to renew his vows with Shante. They only have 2 days to plan a wedding. Snoop picks out a new ring with the help of Shante's sister. The guys from Snoop's team met with the wedding planners...the guys said the planners were creeping them out. But they looked liked crazy sitting in there doing the cake tasting. Why did they ask if the red velvet cake came in blue??

Shante thinks it's Charlie Wilson's anniversary event. Charlie brings Snoop up to say a few words. Snoop then asks Shante to remarry him on the spot. Each of their kids gave Shante a ring...I really loved that part in the ceremony. The R&B singing group GUY featuring Charlie Wilson (as lead) performed "Let's Chill" for the happy couple
(Snoop cried...even gangta's cry). It was very sweet...after this I'm not sure if I can look at Snoop the same way. But in the back of my mind I was think about that other kid that claims to be his son.