Friday, March 7, 2008

That's a Pretty Big Glove To Fill

If you missed it, you should be watching out for the rerun of last night's Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew. This week's challenge was for the crews to celebrate songs from the biggest selling album ever, Thriller. If you didn't know already, it is the 25th year anniversary of Thriller's release. I smell a future American Idol theme- seriously if not now, then when? First up was Status Quo with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. This week they had the weakest performance. If it was earlier in the competition, it wouldn't have been that bad. JC gave some comforting words to contrast Shane and Lil' Mama's comments about not doing MJ enough justice. See! he does have a heart.

performed to my favorite song on the album, P.Y.T. There was locking, a hyperactive crotch grab, and more. They played up the lyrics and the beat- couldn't ask for more. Judges loved it, I loved, you probably loved/will love it. Kaba Modern got the powerhouse that is Thriller. Honestly, I would have been scared pulling that out of the hat. It's like singing Mariah or Whitney on American Idol- just not a good idea. To make it their own, they chose a futuristic-industrial theme vs the original horror-zombie. As usual, they killed it while capitalized on the hand tricks that JC loved so much last week. It was necessary to see them dance as a complete crew again. The boy-girl separation was getting ridiculous.

In the face-off, Fysh n Chicks went first with drunken party favorite, Billie Jean. I really liked the direction they chose. Taeko played the role of Billie Jean and played the fence of being "girly" and hitting hard with the "guys." BreakSk8 stepped it up with Beat It this week. They definitely made up for the last couple of weeks. Tony and Diamond were crazy with the tricks. In the end, BreakSk8 were saved and Fysh n Chicks were sent home. Best of luck to the Fysh. I'm already friends with these ladies in my head- next stop MySpace. Holla when you come to Chicago (me) or NYC (spoiltheending). Youtube that Shit awards go to JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern. Let's be real, you should be YouTubing all of them by now. It's only 5 clips! Next week is Broadway... I know you just announced your Broadway gig, Mario Lopez, but don't try to surprise us with a dance next week.