Friday, March 7, 2008

Model Ambassadors

This week on Make Me A Supermodel, Frankie was sent home…Ben and Casey return to the house. Tyson comes over to let the models know that its Niki’s birthday and they are throwing her a party. The guy write a song and the girls bake a cake. At the party, the girl's low key personalities didn't make a big impression on the guests. This week the models learn about branding. For their photo assignment they made a video look book. Ben turned up the sex appeal…first with Ronnie and then on camera with Holly. was his idea to use Ronnie.

The next day the models have to be brand ambassadors for Bloomingdale’s. Everyone has to sell the outfits they are wearing. Ben gets cut before the event begins. The client had to tell Perry to tone he’s theatrics down. Shannon and Casey ended up doing the best in the eyes of the client. For the runway they have to capture the essence of the label. They each have 2 vintage looks to wear on the runway. Ben said the Bloomingdale’s challenge was too much like selling. The judges said that’s what models do…sell clothes. Holly wins the runway challenge. After they get back from the runway show Perry gets a message to call his girlfriend Amanda. She tells him that something has happened and it isn’t true. Then she hangs up on him. (Story about Amanda being the new woman with Britney Spears' photographer/boyfriend Adnan Ghalib - you can check out the pic of Amanda and Adnan together on

3 Models Up For Elimination - Week 9