Friday, March 14, 2008

Stephen Is Fired

Piers was still celebrating the fact that Omarosa was fired. Trump tells the teams that they have to create and sell a Quizno’s sandwiches. The celebs can’t use their contacts to win the challenge…it’s all about selling to the public and speed. Trace (PM) and Stephen come up with the Cowboy Club. Lennox (PM), Piers and Carol did a Champ Sandwich…of course. I must say…the Cowboy Club looked good!! It looked like everyone sold a lot of sandwiches.

In the boardroom, the results were in on the challenge. Lennox’s team sold 313 sandwiches and Trace’s team sold 253 sandwiches. Lennox received $20,000 for his charity - The Muhammad Ali Center. Trump felt that Trace had more to offer going into the next challenge…so Stephen was fired. Stephen was playing for The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. The final four get called back into the boardroom. Trump tells them that 2 people will be fired before the next challenge. So next week we will be down to the final 2 and some of the celebrities return to help in the last challenge.

For a limited time the sandwiches featured on the show will be on sell at Quizno's.