Friday, March 14, 2008

Broadway Was Never Street

Last night was the Broadway challenge on Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew. This week all the crews danced together in a opening number that wasn't all that entertaining. I didn't care for it and found it boring. However, I usually hate opening numbers on all competition shows. It's just a waste of time. Result shows don't have to be an hour long! The commercials alluded to a big surprise with the results, and as one would assume Status Quo was voted into the top two. Frankly, they should have been in the bottom after last week. WTF America.

Status Quo danced to "You Can't Stop The Beat" in Hairspray. They did okay, but I'm a little salty that they were safe this week. J.C. called them out on not putting enough effort on the Broadway aspect, and Lil' Mama complimented Jamal on wearing a wig- Paula moment. JabbaWockeeZ danced to "All That Jazz" in Chicago. As always, they did a good job. The choreography was great, but for some reason I was slightly disappointed. When J.C. made his comment about maybe the song was too slow (the comment got more negative than that), I realized that for some reason I wanted someone to sing/rap. Watching people just dance to a musical number was somehow boring for me.

In their first time in the bottom two, Kaba Modern performed "You're The One That I Want" in Grease. They did good, but I hate that they keep getting challenges keeping them from dancing as a whole crew vs. the guy/girl divide. Yuri messed in part(s) and totally got singled out by the judges. She started to cry, and seriously the girl needed a hug. This competition has to be tense for all the dancers now, AND to be called out on "super slo-motion." DAAAAMMMNN! That had to sting! BreakSk8 performed to "One Night Only" in Dreamgirls. Okay, seriously!?! They couldn't give them a song from the Full Monty? They would have got to play dudes and strip. I'm sure I sound like a broken record by now, but they did what they do and it was good. The seemingly oldest member of the crew did his daredevil jump again over all 4 guys, but this time he kinda hit (a love tap if you will) the guy on the end. Comparatively, this week was just kinda blah overall. It didn't have the same fire.

In the end, Kaba Modern was saved. Hopefully Yuri will not suffer an inferiority complex. She is too good of a dancer to be feeling that way. I slightly feel (like 30% or less) that Kaba Modern, like Iconic in the first week, was used to send BreakSk8 home. Either way Kaba Modern has something to prove next week, since we all know Status Quo can dance as if their lives depend on it. Youtube That Shit award goes to JabbaWockeeZ. Even though I have my issues with Broadway week, their dancing was on point.