Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kristy Joe Has Left The Building

The girls split into 2 teams to create a music video using one of Bret’s songs. Each team picks a creative director and makes a video in a few hours. Bret picks Ambre’s team as the winner. As the creative director, Ambre got the solo date…in Bret’s room. Now that's a date! Bret brings in a healer… much for the good date. While he is with Ambre, Kristy Joe interrupts the date. Bret sends the healer to talk to Kristy Joe. She needed some help. After the date is over, Bret has a talk with Kristy Joe and she tells him that she is moving forward with her divorce. Funny…she told him she was already getting the divorce. The other girls are pissed that she is taking up so much of Bret’s time.

The next day Kristy Joe and Megan go on out for dinner on the group date with Bret. Megan spent most of the date in Bret’s lap sucking face. That’s how you get your man!!! At elimination, it comes down to Kristy Joe and Megan in the bottom. Bret gives Kristy Joe the choice to stay in the house or leave. She decides to go home. Finally!! I’m surprised she left. He walks her out but when she leaves he throws her pass on the ground. What was up with that?? He asks Megan to stay…but leaves the girls standing there. Next week the Ex’s come to visit and Heather is back…LOVE HER!!