Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Give Holly The Money

This week on Make Me A Super Model, Casey was sent home. I blame the blue jacket he has been wearing. The models find out they are taking a trip to one of my favorite places - NEW ORLEANS. They do a photo shot in a graveyard. Finally a photo shot that worked for Ben. He's stiff and one hard look...was perfect for the death theme. While in New Orleans, they take time to help build a house. That was nice!!

They return to New York for a goth themed runway show. Holly wins the runway challenge. At this point, the judges should just give Holly the money and call it a over everyone go home. It seems like everyone on the show is just going thru the motions anyway. Do they know something we don't know? I think all of them will get some type of modeling contract at this point...there is no reason for them not to be models...probably not super models...but models. Only 2 models are up for elimination this week. There is a super detailed recap on if you are interested in the pose by pose replay.

2 Models Up For Elimination - Week 10