Monday, March 24, 2008

Heather's Truth Serum

Bret surprises the ladies by inviting their Ex’s to the house. Ambre was the only person that didn’t have an Ex show up…one of her guy friends comes instead. Should Bret be worried?? Heather, from Rock of Love season 1, comes over to hang out with the girls while the guys are out. She starts out by getting the girls drunk. Heather's truth serum...SMART!! They start breaking down (a lot of crying) and the secrets start coming out. Daisy is still living with her Ex. Well…I wasn’t expecting that. Megan admits to being on another reality show - Beauty and the Geek. At least she won money on that show. Megan also gets upset when her kinda Ex (He was dating someone else at the same time he was seeing her) said he showed up just to promote his bar. Can you blame him?

, who doesn’t drink, tries to show her bad girl side and take shots with the other girls. That was just stupid…but when she started throwing up I felt sorry for her. Destiney has Heather and Bret wondering if she is just a rock groupie. think!! At elimination, Megan is sent home…she was so shocked she just stood there shaking her head. Next week everyone is going to Vegas Baby!! Heather is going along for the ride and to bring the drama.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clips below. At the end, Daisy trips and falls...dam girl.