Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Celebrity Vs. Evil Celebrity

The final four were interviewed by 2 business reporters and convince them they should continue in the game. Trump had to let two people go. Lennox was the first to be fired. Trump said he was too laid back. Then Carol was the next to be fired. Trump said he wanted to see Piers and Trace go at it. Good vs. Evil or US vs. UK.

Trump brings back four celebrities to help Piers and Trace in the final challenge. Trace picks Mary Lu and
Lennox for his team. Piers selects Carol and Stephen to help him. The teams have to produce the same event but handle different aspects. Piers' team will be in charge of catering and producing an auction. Trace's team will handle the d├ęcor and entertainment (Backstreet Boys will be the talent for the event). The teams divide the auction items and start getting more items for the event. Win or lose the proceeds raised from the auction go to their charities.

Piers wants to raise more money thinking that will put him over the top. Trace is chartering 2 planes to bring in celebrities to help him win. The teams prepare for the week will be the 2 hour finale.

I love Traces face when the Backstreet Boys asked for wheat grass juice. Check out the clip below.