Friday, March 21, 2008

East vs. West... really? It's 2008!

Last night's episode of Randy Jackson presents: America's Best Dance Crew was a little bit of an upset. Status Quo was announced as having the top votes from last week leaving JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern in an attempt to out dance each other. This week's theme was the evolution of dance of which I know as a popular YouTube video of a guy dancing through an intense compilation of music genres. Honestly, Status Quo didn't amaze me with their performance. They haven't amazed me since they performed the "Crank That Superman."Yeah, I'm hatin'. I never would have pegged them in the top 2, especially not in a season with a crew like Live In Color. JabbaWockeeZ were amazing. They came to win it last night. Kaba Modern were good, but JabbaWockeeZ simply shut the game down. If you going to lose, might as well lose to the best! If I'm allowed a conspiracy theory moment, I would say that Status Quo stayed to mirror the whole East coast-West coast BS. Good time to do it now that Diddy is getting accused again for having proxy upon proxy involvement with TuPac's murder.

Once Kaba Modern walked it out, the other two crews danced to their own routine to music they helped mix/inspire. Status Quo did a clown/jack-in-the-box inspired routine and JabbaWockeeZ did their hip hop-mime thing. Both were reminiscent of their audition routines, but of course my vote goes to JabbaWockeeZ. They are just that damn good, and I'm not sympathetic at all to the underdog appeal of Status Quo.
Nor should anyone else be. Vote for Status Quo for better reasons than that. YouTube that Shit award goes to JabbaWockeeZ. Voting will be open until the live finale next Thursday night! So you got plenty of time to vote, re-vote, and vote again a couple of days later. Why? I don't know. Since the show is getting a second season, I need the Midwest to represent harder next time. Where you at Chi?!

JabbaWockeeZ first performance of the night - securing their spot in the finale.