Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Girlicious Style

This week’s theme was Style and the girls learn disco songs.

Group 1: Chrystina, Tiffanie, Jenna, Carrie – "Dim All The Lights"
Group 2: Charlye, Nichole, Natalie – "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" – on roller-skates
Group 3: Cassandra, Ilisa, Jamie – "Heart of Glass"

Cassandra breaks down during practice because the song is so high she can’t hit it. The girls tell Jenna that she is lazy and needs to practice more on her dancing. Chrystina confronts Robyn about being in the bottom two. Mikey tells the girls they are green and not to let their heads blow up like a balloon. That’s why I love him!!!

Robyn takes the girls for their makeovers. Jamie is upset that she looks too much like a “white girl"…she looked the same (didn't get it). They head to a red carpet event to show off their new looks and impress InTouch Weekly. The winner was Nichole and she was safe from elimination. Check out the groups performing in the video clip below. Group 3 had the worst performance of the night. The bottom 2 girls were Cassandra and Jamie. But Cassandra’s limited vocal range sent her home.