Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girlicious, not Divalicious

This week's theme for the girls of Girlicious was Vocal Expression. Robin wanted the girls to show that they have true diva potential. Kenn Hicks, the vocal coach, sang an opera song that touched Charyle and brought out some old issues and homesickness. Soon after, Charyle disappointed Robin and Mikey in the dance studio by fucking up the routine. Jenna made some chocolicious food and rambled about how she isn't fat and she eats healthy (when she can) blah blah blah you know where that went. Whatever Jenna. Eat the chocolate and just be damn proud of it. Hell I would roll around in it just to piss the other girls off, but it didn't help she had a big ass zit in the scene she was pigging out in. In rehearsal a cracking-under-pressure and insecure Natalie walked out on Kenn, and he wasn't having her diva-tude. So she got schooled and apologized to everyone. Chrystina was given the opening lead over Carrie because Kenn wanted to challenge her.

The immunity challenge was a session in the studio with Ron Fair to record over a Don Corleon produced track.
I wasn't really feeling the song. Hopefully they will reconsider it as a first single, or maybe the full version is better. Nicole of PCD came in to give some advice and looked overwhelmed and ran out as soon as Robin gave her an out. Miss Jenna was feeling herself! While collaborating with Ron she actually said (with his advice) she sounded more "bomb-er"... WHAT!? Natalie impressed Ron. Charyle cracked in the studio, but Tiffany won the challenge. Go dark skinned girl! Charyle won the extra hour of vocal training with Kenn out of pity. If she put her emotions of missing her late Father in the song, she would be on top. At sound check, the lack of vocal personality caught up to Chrystina and the lead was switched to Carrie.

Nichole, Charyle, Jenna, and Natalie sang Destiny Child's cover of "
Emotions." Carrie, Chrystina, and Tiffany sang "What A Feeling" from the movie Flashdance. Charyle stepped up, and Ron Fair called Tiffany his Jennifer Hudson. However, Lil Kim feels she can get a little over-the-top. The judges were disappointed that Chrystina didn't kill her B-string part, but it was the low energy Jenna that was sent home.