Monday, March 24, 2008

Dem D’s: Diddy, Day 26, Danity Kane & Donnie Klang

Everyone meets with their teams to discuss the album. They all do radio…Day 26 and Donnie flirt their way through an interview with Hot 97’s Miss Jones. Wait until next time they go up there…I bet she gets on them after seeing the show. The group head out on a promo tour to push the albums. The groups pile on one bus to promote the new singles. The groups make a bet to see who will sell the most single downloads in a week on iTunes. Loser buys dinner and treats the winners to pedicures. Q gets into an argument with Dawn in club…then it spills over to the hotel. Q is mad and thinks Danity Kane is talking about him. I think someone (Q) had a little too much to drink in the club and got emotional. Donnie heads back to the studio to finish up his single “Take You There.” Dawn and Q make up…that’s sweet…I think? Diddy invites everyone to dinner. He tells them how proud he is of them and lets them know that the Danity Kane won the bet.

On the live show...Everyone performs their singles (including Donnie ft. Diddy). Dawn and Q share a kiss on stage. Robert's mystery woman June was in the house and cleared everything up...they are not a couple. Diddy brings out his baby girls -
the twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James. Danity Kane's album is #1 on the charts this week. The big announcement was that the new season of Making the Band will follow the groups while on tour w/ Diddy. The tickets will be available on starting Friday, March 28.