Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bitch-Assness Is Spreading

Diddy takes the groups on a yacht for some relaxation and get to know each other time. I hope MTV got that bill. Some of the guys aren’t too excited about being on the boat at first. Everyone starts having fun when the drinks are flowing. Diddy tells them that he doesn’t make money in the record business right now. STOP!! If he isn’t making money…I think its time to get off the boat. Not what I would want to hear if I was his artist.

Everyone heads back to the studio to continue to work on their albums. When Diddy stops by he doesn’t like what Day 26 is doing. He tells the guys that Will and Que are the only ones at an all-star level. Then he tells Mike needs to lose 15 lbs. and Robert needs to lose 5 lbs. Brian needs to drop 8 lbs. and he is the weakest link in the group. After they workout Robert and Brian start arguing about who will get in the shower first. Bitch-Assness coming out!!

Day 26 is trying to finish the album but Robert was wanting to singing a part that his voice wasn’t right for. He was wasting valuable studio time. Danity Kane record their last song “Lights Out” written by Dawn. Good for her…get that extra check!!! On the way back to the house, Robert and Brian start arguing again…about nothing. Bitch-Assness!! During practice, Ankh has the guys say something (they need to start, stop and continue doing) about everyone in the group. They finally get back on track and finish the album. Diddy approves the songs and its time to celebrate…

Danity Kane – Welcome To The Dollhouse
Day 26 – Day 26