Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Better Make Daddy Look Good

The guys shoot their album cover. Day 26 do a club show...but during the performance the guys jump off the stage. Where did they go?? No one knows wants going on as the guys continue to stand around wasting time. Danity Kane does a photo shoot...but Diddy wants some changes. He wants them to take away some of the fake hair and makeup. Diddy wants Shannon change her hair color. I must say…I agree with Diddy. Yeah I said it…I agree with Diddy.

They decide to have a party at the house before leaving Florida. Once back in NYC, they start working on a showcase. The guys feel unprepared for the show. They learn the new choreography in 2 days. Danity Kane get makeovers…but they had problems changing her hair from red to blond. I would have ran out of that salon when my hair started coming out. Diddy shows up to give his seal of approval. Aurbey even agreed with Diddy on the makeovers. The girls shoot their album cover with their new looks.

The night of the showcase, the place is packed. Day 26 have some problems with the microphones causing Diddy to get on the stage and stop the show. The sound gets fixed and the guys do the song again. Danity Kane performed Damaged…Welcome To The Dollhouse - drops today. No Bitch-Assness T-shirts on sale at the Sean John store on 5th Ave in NYC. You know he wasn’t going to let that money get away. Gotta Love It!!!