Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Knew Superman Would Be A Dance Icon?

With this week being a big yet slightly disappointing week for Reality TV, I was pretty excited for America's Best Dance Crew. Shout out to Femme 5 cheering people on from the audience, very sportsmanlike. On the other hand, they probably ain't got much to do in LA now that they moved and don't have men. This week was Dance Craze week, and to spice things up, each crew had a physical task to incorporate to their routines. Live In Color had to 2 Step while exchanging clothes. I loved the Greek Step show motif they had- way to rep the South! JabbaWockeeZ leaned wit it rocked wit it and made the illusion of defying gravity. Once again the guys killed it with none other than a Superman finishing pose. It was hot and creative and I'm in love with this crew- even though JC tried to hate on them for walking during a transition.

performed the Cupid Shuffle while being in physical contact. They linked up to do the worm as a group. It was a hot move. Kaba Modern had to do Lil' Mama's G-Slide with lifts. I never heard of it- honestly didn't know the girl had another single. I love Kaba Modern, but the other groups out shined them when it came to incorporating the task. However, they were good, as expected. Fysh n Chicks had the least active dance of them all, the lean from Young Joc's "It's Going Down," and had to go in reverse. Stop messing with my crew, MTV! They did an okay job, but I forgot what they did until the recap. And that's not good.

It was between Status Quo and Iconic as the bottom two. Status Quo really came with it last night. They cranked that superman with some members hanging up side down, and gave some serious acrobatic moves to their injured leader. It was their best yet, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Iconic had to Chicken Noodle Soup on their backs, which was good, intricate, and so forth. However, Status Quo's routine could not be denied. Sadly the judges even talked like they were sending Iconic home when giving the criticism. This week I must say Lil Mama legitimately impressed me as a judge. When Mario repeated a critique, which I think was Lil Mama's, to BreakSk8 before their performance. One of the members stuck out his tongue. It was pretty easy to spot. Don't slip up on camera, fellas. Lil Mama properly and dare I say professionally called them- note: not him. Them- out on it, by saying she hopes they don't take what the judges say personally- it's a competition. So kudos to Lil Mama.

YouTube that Shit awards go to: JabbaWockeeZ and Status Quo, who both had some connection to Superman. Fysh n Chicks, BreakSk8, and Live In Color might be the bottom three. I think Kaba has too much of a following to worry yet. You agree? I am still reppin' the Fysh and best of luck to Iconic. Geo was one of the most likable people on the show. Top 6, peeps... gettin' serious!